The Sex Robot Apocalypse Continues: Meet Alina Kovaleskaya, the Newest Real-Life Doll Girl

In sexual fetish news, another European real-life doll girl has come out of the woodwork, leading me to believe that third world countries like the Ukraine and Russia are leading us into the apocalypse by churning out sex-robots with a taste for human flesh. I guess if you grew up as a female in a country whose biggest export is mail-order brides you might want to have some work done to fetch a higher price, too.

Alina Kovaleskaya, real life doll

There are currently three known real-life doll girls, and they all have names I couldn’t pronounce sober. Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina (yes, I am pronouncing that “schp-gina”) had already cornered the market on young girls Japanese businessmen would pay top dollar to win in an illegal underground poker game, but now Alina Kovaleskaya has joined the ranks.

anastastiya shpagina and valeria lukyanova

Other real-life doll girls Valeria Lukyanova, and Anastasiya Shopavagina, I think.

Here are the steps Kovaleskaya took to become so fabulously eerie:

She starved herself (apparently not hard to do in those parts), grew her hair out until it lightly kissed the top of her butt-crack, bought some implants at a garage sale, and started wearing baby-doll clothes and doing her make-up like a preteen prostitute trying to impress her older brother’s closeted gay best friend. While I am all for cosmetic surgery and weird shit, these girls strike me as kind of sad. Yes, they are getting a lot of attention in the media but the only type of guy that would be with them for the long run is also the type of guy who pays hookers to lay in a bath of ice cubes and lay still during intercourse as to appear decease-ed. Even real-life doll girls deserve love too, #amiright?

Click through the slideshow to see more of Eastern Europe’s Next Top Sex Slave, Alina Kovaleskaya:

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