The Upper East Side Nanny Of The Animal Kingdom

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Go ahead and get all your “oohs” and “ahhs” out right now so we can talk about how stupid this mother tiger is.Β  She lived in a zoo in California during her pregnancy, but due to excessive recreational Tiger alcohol abuse (as I understand it, Tigers have a fondness for Jack Daniels) her tiger babies were born premature, and unfortunately passed away. She quickly fell into a deep “Casey Anthony” sized depression and lost weight because she wouldn’t eat. So the geniuses at the zoo decided to dress piglets up in tiger skins to try and trick her into thinking her babies were still alive.

And it worked!

My thoughts are as follows: I believe the zoologists actually came up with a great idea here. The mother tiger was depressed and wouldn’t eat. What better way to either cure her depression or anorexia than to put baby piglets (read: bacon bits) in her pen? In the best case scenario she is dumb enough to raise the piglets as her own which turns her frown upside-down. In the worst case scenario she gets hungry enough to eat them, and her eating disorder disappears. This is not only a true win-win situation but also proof that humans really are smarter than animals, because if you put a pig in front of me it doesn’t matter how you dress it up–I am having honey-baked ham for dinner.

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  • Gary,

    Please do a little more research on your posts, this story is fake. The pictures are real, but the backstory is pure fiction.

    Otherwise love your work. Thanks.

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