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The Various Walks of Life at Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2014

Gaultier avril lavigne
Written by emilyc

We have to give Jean Paul Gaultier credit for responding directly to the critics who claim runways lack diversity. From grandmothers, to babies, to aliens, Gaultier really covered all the bases. It’s a good thing he did because the collection itself looks like he may have forgotten Paris Fashion Week is this week and threw something together with haste. Haste, and fabric remnants from TJ Maxx in the late 90s. If you were expecting to see any of Gaultier’s famous corsets, well, spoiler alert: no corsets here. The highlight of this show is its refreshing parade of diversity!

Gaultier Grandmother

The alternate name for this collection of glitter leggings was going to be “AARP: American Apparel for Real People.”

Gaultier grandmother

Après-ski for après 55.

Gaultier child

From senior citizens to preschoolers, Gaultier made sure to span all generations…

Gaultier child

…at the expense of these children’s’ psyches.

Gaultier royal family

There was even a complete royal family.

Gaultier avril lavigne

Avril Lavigne, who was having a country-of-origin identity crisis, walked in the show.

Gaultier J Lo

Trans-Jenny from the Block was in attendance.


So was a casual pair of other-worldly fashion creatures who emerged from the once-flourishing land of Lady Gaga’s world tour, but we all know that was eons ago.


A grandfather trying to enter some sort of Liverpool festival scene.


Oh! It’s a flashback to the grandfather’s club kid days.


Albino Joan Smalls leads a tribe in outer space.


And then just one last albino gentleman to round everything out nicely.

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