The World’s Most Expensive Restaurant

worlds most expensive restaurant
Written by Gary

When it comes to fine dining, my tastes are fairly extravagant. To give you an idea of just how extravagant, my birthday dinner this year was at Hooters in Las Vegas. Yes, I chose the venue on purpose. The world’s most expensive restaurant will soon be opening in Ibiza, Spain and will cost about $2,000 a meal, per person.

worlds most expensive restaurant

Called SubliMotion, the restaurant opens in June at the Hard Rock Hotel. So what is so different about this place, you ask? Apparently, SubliMotion is more than a meal, it’s a sensory experience. The walls and tabletops in the place are broadcast with a  virtual light show, and the whole meal is watched over by an operator who changes everything depending on the mood and course. The idea is to give customers the experience of eating in different “micro-environments” which vary greatly during the meal.

Call me crazy, but this entire thing just seems really cracked out to me. If you have ever done acid in your life, I suggest steering clear of SubliMotion, lest you fall into a flashback and end up eating someone else’s face as an amuse-bouche.

worlds most expensive restaurant

worlds most expensive restaurant

worlds most expensive restaurant

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