These THC Drinks Offer Bubbly Micro-Highs for Non-Smokers

thc drinks
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If you read our piece on the world’s first marijuana mall, there’s a chance you’re a weed enthusiast, but not everyone wants to participate in all the risks, smells, and coughing associated with smoking their marijuana — which is exactly why edibles are so popular. When it comes to professionally-packaged , regulated edibles like THC drinks though, the market has been sparse until recently.

Gone are the days when you’d have to make your own DIY batch of sleepytime CBD-laced tea before bed, space brownies, or gently-infused cocktails — because a new wave of THC drinks, namely small and very sippable sodas with on-trend flavor profiles is finally here.

Enter Cann, the alcohol-replacement fizzy beverage that lets your liver live a little, is low-ish in calories at only 30 per can, and reminds us of the lovechild Snoop might have with Martha over a can of really trendy seltzer. Each can of Cann (see what they did there?) boasts 2MG of sativa-dominant hybrid THC and 4MG of CBD, so you can sip just enough to quench your thirst and light up your weed-loving life.

thc drinks, cann blood orange cardamom soda

A single Cann will likely give you a light, frothy buzz that’s happier in nature than a can of beer (alcohol is a depressant, whereas this strain and blend of cannabinoids is known for a more feel-good vibe). As far as THC drinks go though, it’s a gentle way to replace social drinking with a buzz-inclusive and alcohol-free sip.

They’re just as likely to make a girls movie night in the softest pajamas just a little bit more fun as they are to give your health-focused mind some peace when everyone else seems to be pounding sugar-heavy hangover makers full of tequila and rye.

thc drinks, cann blood orange cardamom soda

Better yet, these THC drinks come in foodie-friendly flavors like Blood Orange Cardamom (our favorite variety), and cost less than your average imported lager at $30 for a six-pack. If you’re hosting a party, the brand also offers a 24-pack for $75.

Here’s where things get tricky though — availability. Because Cann THC drinks are still THC inclusive instead of your typical CBD-only joint pain lotions at Walgreens, you can still only get ’em in rec-legal states. The brand’s website will direct you to your state’s closest legal dispensary so you can stock up on all the edibles of your dreams.

For now, we found Cann throughout California, but they’re expanding quickly and we’d be surprised if they didn’t pop up in Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, and other rec-friendly states soon enough.

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