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Thigh Gap Jewelry, Because WTF?

thigh gap jewelry
Written by Gary

Thigh gap jewelry.

Thigh gap jewelry is a thing because apparently anorexia should be celebrated with bling, says internet idiots.

thigh gap jewelry

As the proud owner of a thigh gap (I promise it’s there, hidden behind my balls), I have to say its about time someone decided to capitalize on the social media craze and adorn that area with some much-needed jewelry.

Thigh Gap Jewelry is a fictional company that sells fictional jewelry designed for women who want to show off their thigh gap like Kim Zolciak and Beyonce.

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The goal of the company is to start a debate on the unrealistic body image created by social media.

The pieces range in price from $175-$190, but when you go to purchase them, the site takes you to a page which explains the problem with the thigh-gap phenomenon. The ‘company’ aims to help women form more positive body images by debunking the myth that a ‘thigh gap’ is even remotely achievable for most people.

I totally get the cause and everything, but when I saw this I was honestly just excited about crotch jewelry. After all, everyone knows that the crotch is the perfect place to put metal chains.

thigh gap jewelry thigh gap jewelry thigh gap jewelry thigh gap jewelry thigh gap jewelry

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