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Are you looking for activities to indulge in during the month of love? You should consider New York and the surrounding cities as your next destination. Due to the plethora of entertainment options and diverse culture, New York is one of the best destinations for tourists. The city never sleeps, and it is never a dull day here.

Whether you are looking for five-star dining, shopping, or cultural activities, New York and the surrounding cities are a one-stop-shop. Plan an escape from the daily buzz of work and errands and get lost in the glories of the cities. Here are top-rated destinations to pay a visit.

1. The Statue of Liberty – New York

The majority of the people who have visited the statue of liberty were impressed and recommended the experience. Your New York trip is not complete without ticking the destination in your bucket list. An estimated 3.5million people visits the statue of liberty every year, something that speaks volumes of the destination. They come from far-off nations and closer cities like Woodstock, NY and Tannersville, NY. All are welcome with open arms.

America’s gift from France remains a symbol of freedom, and every year millions of tourists continue to queue for a cruise trip to Liberty Island. To avoid waiting too long in line for a glimpse of the most iconic statue in the world, it is best to book your tour in advance.

Visitors are advised to get the crown tickets as they give priority access to the screening facility, Ellis Island, and the Liberty Island grounds. You will also be allowed to climb to the crown and access the podium with the ticket. This way, you will get a more intimate experience.

If you don’t love crowds, the best time for you to visit would be non-holidays and during the weekdays. The Liberty Museum will also be worthwhile as it is where you will get all the juicy details of how the statue was constructed and some other interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty.

New York, NY

2. Van Vorst Park – Jersey City, New Jersey

The park is considered the centerpiece of downtown Jersey City and one of the best spots for family fun. The park gives you the perfect opportunity to interact with nature while in the city. Whether it is birds, flowers, trees, and other elements of nature, Van Vorst Park is rich with them.

The spot features a two-acre expansive green oasis nestled between brownstones and row houses. The park has a paved walkway where you can stroll with family or your furry babies and enjoy a picnic in the garden when you need to relax.

The park also has two playgrounds, a sandbox, a summer splash pad, and swings which kids adore. If you are with the family in the city, you can visit the park to read your book and enjoy time outdoors as the kids immerse themselves in play.

If you want to meet new people and be part of events, you are in the right place. Van Vorst Park is never short of events such as flea markets, music festivals, films, and a myriad of other outdoor events.

3. Edgemont Memorial Park – Montclair, New Jersey

The park was established in memory of the people who sacrificed to defend the people’s freedom during World War One.

Whether you are looking for a space in Montclair to relax, take a walk, fish, or job, Edgemont Memorial Park is your perfect spot. The park is well-maintained, equipped with ample parking, and very accessible, thanks to the roads that surround the park on three sides.

The park also features a pond with fountains which significantly add to the park’s appeal. If you want to spend some time with the kids, tag them along as the park also has a secure playground.

4. Brooklyn Botanic Garden – New York

Brooklyn Botanic Garden extends over 50 acres, housing over 12,000 species. A visit to the garden will connect you to the natural world that will intrigue your curiosity, and increase your appreciation for environmental protection. Annually, the garden gets over 950,000 visitors, which indicates that your visit will be worth it.

Among the primary highlights of the garden is the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, graced by Japanese Maples and wooden bridges. The Cherry Esplanade also stands out, displaying blooming rosy cherry blossoms. The Shakespeare Garden is also a site to die for, featuring over 80 plants, described as a knowledge-enriching experience.

The garden’s beauty is that it has a vast collection of conservatories, scenery, and gardens that will keep you indulged during your visit. There are also many exhibits, workshops, and events that run all year that you would be interested in and happy to be part of.

5. Elizabeth, New Jersey

The trail is stretched over 10.5 miles along Norfolk’s waterfront. The spot is ideal for active tourists that love to get immersed in outdoor activities. The trail features Elizabeth’s history through artwork displayed along the path.

The trail does an impeccable job of restoring Elizabeth’s natural vibrance of the waters, which contributed immensely to the city’s growth. The trail is loved for its calm as visitors walk with their pets and loved ones or cycle in the area.

Take Away

There are tons of ways to experience New York. The city’s soaring monuments and skyscrapers will blow you again. Shopping, culture, food, history, and art will also mesmerize you. The different attractions above in and around New York will give you a memorable experience. The list of things you can do in the city cannot be covered in a day; you will need subsequent trips and not get enough of them.

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