Time (and Candles) to Burn

Written by Ashley

After a long day of work, and a long evening of shoe shopping last week– my roommate and i were completely tuckered out. After finally coming home… to the scent of familiar scent of  General Tso’s chicken from the chinese food place downstairs filling our apartment…. we went candle crazy- lighting candles to turn our apartment from a piece of chicken to a slice of heaven.

I always light a candle when I get home. They are so relaxing, comforting and warm.  Plus–they make your apartment smell however you would like it to smell!

Here are 3 of my top candles, when I have time & candles to burn:

Thymes Candles:   These candles are hand poured with Food-Grade Paraffin, which helps the candle burn clean while bringing out the pure scents and oils- no burning smells. And the wicks are made of natual cotton or paper- no metal involved!  And, as you can see, the design is beautiful perfect for any decor. The selection of scents take you on a journey through all parts of the globe!  My favorite is Oolong Cassis– infused with orange, bergamont and oolong tea. I burn this when i’m in the mood for a fresh-awakening scent, and even when I’m in a chilled out mood, it makes me feel like I’m meditating in a zen-like room filled with pillows and prayer flags and such. So relaxing- and such a rich smell!

Thymes Oolong Cassis $25

Diptyque– This upscale Parisian scent line is my roommate’s  absolute fav. Upon sparking up the ‘Pomander’ -infused with sensuous orange peels, spicy cloves, and fresh cinnamon – she made the executive decision for us to just skip paying our heating bills for the winter, and use these fragrant flames to keep us warm.  Sounds good to me! And don’t worry, at $60 a pop, these babies last forever and ever.

Diptyque Pomander- Bergdorf Goodman $60

Slatkin & Co- for Bath & Body Works:  These are the most inexpensive candles on the list at less than $20. But they do not lack in quality and aroma!  I am dieing to help set the Thanksgiving Day table with these adorable pumpkin shaped candles.  Their festive design isn’t too over the top– and the Pumpkin Caramel scent will absolutely rev up your appetite for some Thanksgiving treats.

Slatkin & Co Pumpkin Caramel Now $6.25!

Do you have any favs?

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