To Eat or Not to Eat?

Written by Shannon

Think that leftover food in your fridge is still fresh?

Is your fridge filled with take-out boxes from who knows when? Or, do you wait until your food starts to grow fuzzy things on it before you determine it’s no longer good, and throw it out?

Gone are the days of using your unreliable nose to tell you whether your food is still good or not. Designer Yeom Ha-na has come up with the Foodmer, which is a custom programmed  expiration date reminder for all your fresh food. You can now program each strip with a freshness duration, and a red line that will slowly get longer until it’s time for you to throw those delicious leftovers away.


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Shannon is a 22-year-old Floridian currently studying PR at the University of South Florida. Her obsessions include: finding the newest fitness trend (currently Physique 57 DVDs), keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip, and her American Eagle stretch jeans. When she has some free time that doesn't include studying for one of her many exams, she enjoys hanging with her friends and family, going to Disney World, shopping, and eating good food. Follow her on twitter @ShannonDormer

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