17 Ways Toddlers ARE Just Like Dogs

Written by Bryce

We’ve all read every mommy blogger’s piece on why they’re offended when people compare their dogs to children.

I get it– you made your baby, it looks like you, farts like you, etc– but the truth is having a dog does compare to having a toddler. As a mom to 3 kids under 5 years old, I can stand by each and every one of these, so here goes:

1. They both like to play fetch. Throw a tennis ball past either a toddler or a dog and watch magic happen.

2. They wake you up all the time. Sleep? No, your sleep is meaningless.

3. They pee everywhere.

4. The farting never ends. Never. At least with a dog you can blame them and not feel responsible for their genetics.

5. They sneak into your bed constantly. In fact, you can’t get them out of your bed.

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6. They eat off the floor, happily.

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7. Playgrounds and dog parks often share the same space for a reason.

8. If you’re not careful with monitoring their food, they eat till they puke.

9. Both can be found digging up your favorite flowers and burying things.

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10. Leave either one with a babysitter and you’ll hear nothing but crying.

11. They both bark.

12. Both can be found hiding under tables.

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13. Both prefer meat on the bone.

14. They manipulate. Treats are king.


16. Cuddling. Honestly, in a perfect world we would all be able to quit our jobs and hop into a pile of babies and puppies to snuggle.

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17. Saliva. They both have a lot.


Special thanks to my friends Valerie and Aly for helping me compare my children to their dogs.

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