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Tom Ford To Launch Man Makeup

tom ford
Written by emilyc

Dear men, if you are on this website, chances are you already care about and wear makeup, but you probably don’t love having to say, “It’s for my sister,” every time you show up at the Duane Reade cash register with your Maybelline liquid foundation. Don’t you wish that there was a men’s makeup line made just for you with masculine packaging? Leave it to none other than Tom Ford to grant your wish.

tom ford

Blemishes are totally into equal opportunity – they don’t discriminate between men or women; they will happily ruin anyone’s skin! Tom Ford is in on this fact and will be creating mud masks and concealers for all of the men who have fallen victim to less-than-Photoshop skin. Also, ladies aren’t the only ones who need a little color in their face from time to time. Again, Tom knows this and will be launching men’s bronzing gel, as well. I wonder how different the world would be today if the 2005 Marc Jacobs knew about this.

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