Top 10 Things We Learned From Lindsay Lohan’s OPRAH Interview

Written by Casey

Lindsay Lohan’s Oprah Interview

1. Her drug of choice is alcohol, and she only did cocaine “like 10-15 times.”

2. She went to India to work on a child trafficking documentary.

3. In “a weird way” she wanted to go to jail “to find some peace” and, “to sit and be.”

4. After Mean Girls, she said she was incredibly reckless with her money and vulnerable to the vultures who surrounded her.

5. She wasn’t scared enough after going to jail in 2010.

6. She surprisingly does not blame her parents for anything that has happened in her life.

7. Her father was arrested nine times?

8. She loves her parents?

9. Her parents get along now and she’s having lunch with them this week.

10. Oprah strongly suggested and ended up convincing her to not go to Europe a few days after the interviewed was taped.

Way to go, Oprah.

Editorial Bonus: Her boobs got bigger.

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