Top Five Couture Gown Photos That Speak To Me

couture gown pose photography
Written by Gary

couture gown pose photography

That is the last time I eat a fava bean and lentil enchilada in Mexico. I think I soiled my dress, does anyone have any Beano?

If I have a choice to write about humor or fashion, humor will probably win every time. This is because fashion is subjective, and the definition varies depending on who you are talking to. When it comes to humor, the goal is to make you laugh so hard that you shart, not convince you that an oxblood calf-skin ostrich-lined keyhole sock is the newest IT accessory for fall.

Still, I am a gay man so fashion is in my blood. If you cut my arm open, a spool of thread and a swatch of upholstery fabric from the Cindy Crawford for Michael Kors for Lazyboy “mancave” collection will fall out. Luckily, I found a way to meld fashion and humor by finding couture gown photos that speak to me, and sharing with you, what they say.

couture gown photography wedding

All I want is to have vaginal sex, just one time, on my wedding night. If I have to pretend to be Bambi to get railed in the baby-maker then so be it. I guess that’s what I get for marrying a park ranger.

couture gown photography blue

I am so hungry that the only way to get this skirt to fit was to wear it on my shoulders.

couture gown photography paris

No matter how fast I run, this mullet skirt manages to find me.

couture gown photography

I’m laughing because I’m about to jump out this window to avoid my arranged marriage. Why are you laughing?

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