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Travel Gear Spotting: World’s Most Expensive iPhone Case

Written by Tanner

Diamonds are an iPhone’s best friend on this $100k case!

The age old debate: do I buy a house or a pretty iPhone case? The answer is easy – pretty iPhone case, duh! If you’ve already invested in an expensive phone, you may as well invest in an equally, or even slightly more expensive, iPhone case, like the Trim Couture Infinite case by German brand Brikk. For just over $100k!, you’ll have a fully customized iPhone case bedazzled to the moon in over 21 carats of diamonds (customer can decide whether black or white). The best part is you don’t have to feel guilty at all about your lavish purchase, because Brikk will donate 25 metric tons of rice to an impoverished nation with each unit purchased! So have a heart, and pick up one in every finish – the Trim Couture is available in pure gold and platinum finishes as well!

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