Finally, Travel-Size Hair Masks for Your Carry On

travel size hair masks
Written by Bryce

Davines just invented travel-size hair masks and we’re excited.

Until now, it’s been virtually impossible to find high quality travel-size hair masks to beat the dreaded effects of crunchy hair from too much sun, travel, and sea. We’d all be shoveling tiny spoonfuls of our fave hair masks into those insanely tiny TSA-approved bottles so we’d be able to treat our tresses with respect, or just be forced to check a bag in the name of a giant tub of good hair help.

davines travel size hair masks


Davines just launched single serve travel-size hair masks in 50ml sizes that are perfect to stash in your carry on, purse, gym locker, or just about anywhere else where real estate is limited. If you have fine or short hair, you’ll easily get two uses out of this amount, while long, thick, or especially curly manes will benefit from an entire packet of hydrating goodness. They come in a variety of formulas, too, like The Purity Circle, which is enriched with matcha tea and eco-certified bamboo charcoal to sop up damaging chemicals and particles from strands. You know, like all that chlorine from the hotel pool.

If your hair is particularly parched, try The Renaissance Circle, a formula that boasts babassu butter and yellow clay to detangle, restore, and re-compact hair structure for a healthier and stronger look and feeling. If you want to be really adventurous, you can slather this mask on and then try our favorite head massage for hair growth techniques. It’ll be a double-whammy of hair health.

travel hair masks from davines

You can see the entire collection of travel-size hair masks from Davines here, and enjoy their under-$10 each price point.

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