These ‘Plop Star’ Toilet Tablets Exist to Conquer Your Worst Smells

plop star toilet tablets
Written by Bryce

These toilet tablets are the future we were promised.

While we’re still not actively riding hover boards en masse and traveling to work by flying cars, there’s good news — a new line of toilet tablets has been launched to keep all your worst bathroom smells totally top secret. Better yet, the brand has named this very #blessed product Plop Star, and they’re purse-and-pocket-friendly so you can discreetly get them to your office bathroom without anyone guessing you’re addicted to extra spicy burritos and probiotics.

They’re like bath bombs for your toilet, and we’re excited.

plop star toilet tablets

Plop Star

You can scoop up a 30-pack for less than $13 here on Amazon (and yes, shipping is free), and be delighted by the fact that they come in little condom-like wrappers. The giggle is an additional freebie with purchase, obviously. If you’re wondering how exactly these little blue toilet tablets work, the company describes the process as such:

“Plop Star is the World’s most discreet bathroom deodorizer. Just drop one tablet in the bowl BEFORE your performance. Plop Star blocks bathroom odors with a buffer of essential oils, leaving a refreshing citrus scent behind…and nothing else. Now you can rock the bowl with confidence! Anywhere, any time!”

Instead of your friends, family, and coworkers knowing you’re addicted to hot pepper-laced beans, they’ll be under the impression you literally fart orange blossoms — but obviously, because you’re a total plop star.

Could anything be better? Hardly, which is why we think it’ll make a nice addition to these gifts for women in their 20s who happen to have roommates, and perhaps this list of things to buy your boyfriend.

Buy it here.

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