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Travel Spotting: An In-Depth Look At Cocaine Tourism

cocaine tourism
Written by Gary

cocaine tourism

If you’re like me, your biggest concern when you go on vacation is locating a garbage bag full of blow to keep you awake the entire time.

Just kidding, I won’t say I have never tried it because I won’t say that I haven’t tried anything, but I am not the type that goes searching for these kinds of things especially in foreign places.

Cocaine tourism, surprisingly has gathered a stronghold and following despite the fact that I don’t participate, however. Since 2008, cocaine tourism has become a thing, especially in countries where it snows a lot, like Bolivia and Colombia. Basically, if you have to put “South America” after the name of the country, you probably won’t have much trouble finding some white girl.

Route 36 in La Paz, Bolivia is an actual cocaine bar where procuring a good white time is as easy as ordering a drink. They move around a lot, as you can imagine the noise complaints they receive from serving tons of tweaked-out tourists. It also isn’t the safest activity in the world, since you are already partaking in a risky behavior there is not much to stop you from ending up with a bloody ass in a jungle ditch.

If adrenaline is your second favorite drug though, maybe cocaine tourism is for you? If so, the next time you blow through South America, take a pit-stop in La Paz, clear your schedule, and order a nice, strong, coke-tail.

It nothing else, you can consider it a good deed since the maids in your hotel will be super-pleased that you helped them dust the inside of your micro-fridge.

cocaine factory

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