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Travel Spotting: Carry On Luggage for Ladies

Written by Ashley

Carry your travel essentials with style with these carry-on luggage finds

Keeping passports in check, small bottles of eye cream within reach, and reading materials for hours of travel plentiful in numbers, the carry-on has become, to some travelers, their only piece of luggage due to pesky bag-checking fees. For a weekend trip you can’t go wrong! And if you keep an eye on style, these fab compartmentalized bags can transition well to your girl-on-the-go world.

Clockwise from top left:
WILL Leather Goods Guatemalan Carry-All in Warm [$80]; George Gina & Lucy Work It Girl [$435]; Katherine Kwei Donna Large Hobo in Leopard [$2,000]; Pan Am Orion Travel Bag in Blue [$89]

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