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True Life: I Did A Cleanse… And Enjoyed It.

Written by Ashley

The Joulebody KICKSTART Food Cleanse. Learn it, live it, love it.

I’ve always been a little weary of the whole cleanse movement, and how one can do this and live a normal life only drinking lemon juice & cayenne pepper. I love food (don’t we all?), and was brought up in a family of food lovers, which led me to be one of those people who is hungry 24/7 365.  I’ve always heard horror stories of cranky, irritable, hungry gals trying to fit in to their skinny jeans getting down with this craze, but thanks to my seriously enjoyable experience with The Joulebody KICKSTART Food Cleanse I can tell you that the notion of a cleanse or two a year is totally reasonable to me. Kickstart, designed by nutrition counselor and fitness expert Yvette Rose,  will give you the knowledge you need, to come out feeling great while being well fed throughout and with the tools to continue on the path to a whole and healthy lifestyle. I feel like a whole new person!

Joulebody Founder & overall Hot Chick, Yvette Rose — AKA My inspiration to cleanse:

What I loved about the Joulebody Kickstart:

  • It’s vegan, so my vegetarian dietary restrictions were met, and most who suffer from allergies will be well taken care of.
  • You’re well fed throughout, so it will totally reduce cravings for carbs, sugar and wheat that are triggered by hunger or starting your day off with one of those triple threats.
  • I noticed the second day in that I already had a flatter stomach, was feeling lighter, and had no cravings at all.
  • Filing our an initial survey can help Yvette help you toward your own customized health goals
  • All of the food is pre-packaged and FRESH! No worrying about losing track with having to prepare your own food day to day.
  • It gave me the motivation to make my workouts harder — this is an overall serious kickstart to any health/exercise program.
  • Joulebody offers fitness training and nutrition counseling; perfect after you complete your cleanse
  • You can hold on to the jars that your food comes in for a free pick-up recycling service. Good for you AND for the environment

In addition, the Joulebody website is plentiful with any and all information that one would need in order to help keep on track, and learn more about how the body and mind work together to make one’s lifestyle balanced, healthy, and liveable. My 3 day diet of a smoothie i the morning, a lunch time soup, mid afternoon smoothie, pre-dinner juice, substantial 7PM dinner and sweet indulgent snack at night sounds nothing like a cleanse… right? With all this food, I was watching my waist shrink, my mind focus & my energy skyrocket! The only trouble I had were the caffeine withdrawl headaches, but it comes with the territory, and I feel much better off having gone through it.  I highly recommend this cleanse, and have even kickstarted myself in to more regular trips to the treadmill, wiser choices when eating out, and a true understanding of health.

Find more information on Yvette and the Kickstart Joulebody System at & — you’ll thank me!

And make sure to follow Yvette Rose @JouleBody on Twitter for fun nutrition facts and to keep up with health trends.

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