TrueFacet is My New Slow Jam

Written by Bryce

If you’ve never heard of TrueFacet, now you have. If you’re into paying less for completely gorgeous things, this is for you.

Let me start by saying that my love of fine accessories started in my infancy. My mother owned a chain of stores stocked to the brim with fancy baubles and lizard skin purses from names like Judith Leiber, and by age three I remember clearly thinking “I like shiny things. I really, really like shiny things.” Not much has changed since 1987 in that respect, except now I have a home and family of my own and the obligation to be responsible with money. This is exactly why I was pretty excited to find out about the existence TrueFacet— an online marketplace for gently used, and sometimes even, new designer jewelry. Users can sell their own pieces, as well.

Let me explain how glorious this really is. You may or may not have a Patek watch from an ex you never want to see or speak to again. The watch is beautiful, but seeing a reminder of him each day is not. You realize quickly that you should sell it– after all, he paid top dollar for it and that’s money you can now use to fund your spa trip to erase his memory from your brain. TrueFacet will give you, generally speaking, far more than the jewelry guy on your street corner.

But maybe you’ve had a completely flawless track record love-wise, and have literally nothing you want to give up. That’s fine, too, because you can just add to your collection. More is more, and when Rolex, David Yurman, Tiffany, and Cartier are so steeply discounted you need to ask yourself, “is this worth the investment?”

Here’s why the answer is an absolute yes:

-It’s discounted steeply. Meaning you’ve already shaved off the anticipated depreciation of a piece.

-You’ll wear it. Don’t even tell me you won’t wear a Cartier bangle almost every day. You will.

-You can always resell it. If you buy junk in the mall, will anyone buy it later? No. And if they do, those are not the people you want to be associating with anyway.

Speaking of Cartier bracelets, I found this rose gold one in size 20 on the site for $5,795. If you’ve ever shopped at Cartier before, you know that’s a serious price slash. All I’m saying is I took this baby for a test drive and the photo was taken on my bed this morning. Literally. All. I’m. Saying.

You can find a variety of price points on the site, too, like David Yurman pieces for only a couple hundred dollars– perfect gifting options for your best friend/bride-to-be, sisters, or any human in need of a sparkle fix.

*This post was sponsored but I really did take these photos and I really don’t have any intention of removing my tight grip from the glorious gold I found on #willworkforjewelry

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