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Trump or Bernie Sanders Socks: You Decide

Written by Bryce

There are Trump and Bernie Sanders socks on the market now, and you’ll either be excited to display the love or excited to walk all over these guys.

With the 2016 presidential race heating up, it’s exciting to know that the ability to wear your fave candidate on your feet is now officially a thing. I mean, Bernie Sanders socks or Trump on your cankles? Could anything really be better or worse? Unlikely. Just don’t wear these with sandals, please.


From AlwaysFits company reps:

“They’ll be available for purchase late March. There are currently no samples available, but they’re made by reputable US-based sock company.”

I mean, the press release actually included the mention of no samples in bold font, and one can only assume it’s because the popularity of wearing Trump’s hair over one’s ill-shaved legs is all too appealing. I, myself, can only assume the main attraction to the Bernie Sanders socks has something to do with his first proposed presidential project: Socks for Socialism (it’s a top secret project, so just stay tuned).

Anyway, these are totally ridiculous in all the best ways. May your feet have the last vote, but I doubt Bernie would encourage buying $30 socks– because if you can afford that, you’re probably in the 1%.

bernie sanders socks

trump and bernie sanders socks

Find ’em here: Trump Socks, Bernie Socks

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