How to Try Head Massage for Hair Growth

Written by Allison

Head massage for hair growth is easy and actually works.

This is one of those things that sounds totally made up, but actually works. Head massage for hair growth actually increases scalp circulation and has been proven to increase hair thickness in just four minutes a day. The best thing about head massage for hair growth is you can do it pretty much any time, anywhere, with just your nimble fingers.

Sure you can buy a whole host of massagers to assist you in this, but really all you need are your hands. Or your significant other’s hands. Teach ’em to massage your head, I’m sure you won’t regret it. You can add a hair growth encouraging oil into the mix but it’s not a requirement, and it’s definitely worth trying with our DIY honey mask for hair growth treatment.

This study found that head massages apply “Mechanical stress to human dermal papilla cells in subcutaneous tissue.” Basically, by putting pressure on your scalp it can help you get thicker hair. Some also believe that increasing blood flow to the scalp (via massage) helps your follicles to grow faster. Either way you’ve got some head massaging to do.

Head massage for hair growth steps

The key with massaging your hair specifically for growth is that you have to cover your whole scalp. Even the back of your head when your arms are tired from massaging the rest of your scalp. To massage you want to work with your finger pads, not your nails to make sure you aren’t scratching your scalp.

Using the pads of your fingers, lightly place pressure on your scalp. You’re not trying to squeeze here, just to feel some pressure.

I find it helpful to work in small circles, focusing on one specific area of the scalp from crown to the middle, to the sides, and the back. This makes sure the whole scalp is covered and the circular massage is great at relieving tension throughout the day.

Feel free to massage it up every day, you’re not going to hurt anything unless you’re squeezing too hard. Once a week change things up and add an oil to the mix. You can apply a little bit of castor oil like this one to just the fingertips and massage, adding more oil as necessary. Then wash the oil out for a little two-in-one massage and hair mask.

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