Uber Eco Fashion: Grow Your Own Jacket

Written by Vivianne

Would you dare put this on?

Can you believe this ruffle-embellished jacket was created from scratch in a couple bathtubs filled with some yeast, a pinch of bacteria and sweetened green tea? The rad BioCouture project, which aims to address ecological and sustainability issues around fashion, sure makes UK-based Suzanne Lee the first ever designer to produce garment without fabric.

Here’s how it works:

From this microbial soup, fibers begin to sprout and propagate, eventually resulting in thin, wet sheets of bacterial cellulose that can be molded to a dress form. As the sheets dry out, overlapping edges “felt” together to become fused seams. When all moisture has evaporated, the fibers develop a tight-knit, papyrus-like surface that can be bleached or stained with fruit and vegetable dyes such as turmeric, indigo, and beetroot.

The daring design is now on display at London’s Science Museum.

Would you dare put this on?

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