Ultimate Question: How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Written by Karina

At one point in our complicated relationships to our hair, we learn that nothing that can actually make hair grow faster. So what can be done in the meantime, to prevent looking like you’re trying to bring back ‘the Rachel’?

Once upon a time, general myth dictated frequent trims as the best way to achieve Rapunzel-length tresses. This myth has caused me a lot of money over the years, and probably no increase in how fast my hair can grow. Damn fairy tales. Another commonly used trick to speed up hair growth: pre-natal vitamins. While popping some b-12 won’t hurt, it won’t really help either. And as far as horse shampoo goes – the strangest of growth-promoters – the jury is still out, with some proponents lauding its stregthening powers and others knocking it for turning their hair coarse and, well, horse-like.

The thing we all learn at one point in our complicated relationships to our hair, is that there’s nothing that can actually make hair grow faster. At least, not on its own. The most we can do is not beat the crap out of it with styling tools, dye-jobs, and tiny rubber banded buns a la Scary Spice. A healthy mane is still the best way to ensure healthy growth. Boringly obvious, I know. But if you’re like me, desperate to get out of the awkward phase between a pixie cut and Beyonce-waves, keeping in mind these severals tips can help you from throwing in the towel and chopping it all off again.. Most hair experts agree 10-12 weeks (as opposed to the commonly encouraged 6-8 weeks) is a sufficient period of time to wait between trims, and only 1/4-1/2 an inch is needed to get rid of the bad stuff at the ends. So grow on, girl!

Massage your scalp. Several long-locked friends of mine swear by a good old fashioned rub down. Some say essential oils are best for adding moisture, but just a regular circle motion over your scalp is enough to promote circulation to your hair follicles.

Be crazy for conditioning. And this doesn’t just apply to conditioner. Use a gentle shampoo – no thickening or volumizing recipes – to prevent stripping your hair of its natural oils. Give yourself weekly deep treatments, and don’t use shampoo every day. Keeping your hair moisturized will lower the amount of split ends requiring your scissor’s attention.

Time for rosemary. The plant holds a ton of natural powers that reverses hair loss, stimulates new growth, strengthens roots, and eliminates dandruff and other unsightly scalp impurities. Mix fresh or dry plants in a pot of boiling water, let cool, and use as a post-shampoo rinse or spritz. Now you’re a hippie, and you’ve got the hair to prove it.

Just relax. About your hair growing long enough to wear it up in time for summer wedding season, about everything. Hair can’t grow with the push of a button, and it definitely can’t when you’re stressed. Be the hippie you were when you gave your locks an herbal bath, and just let it all go, sister.

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