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The Unicorn Lemonade is the Smarter Starbucks Unicorn Sister, Anyway

Written by Bryce

The unicorn lemonade will help you deal with all your Starbucks unicorn frap woes.

If you didn’t get a chance to try the Starbucks unicorn frap that made the whole internet lose its marbles (seriously, people were even making unicorn hair attempts to match the frap)– no worries, you can hack the Starbucks menu by ordering a fairly top secret Unicorn Lemonade (best enjoyed next to fun sprinklers shaped like giant unicorns, obvi). Well, at least it was top secret until I posted this. Whatever, you work hard, you deserve all the secrets.

The unicorn frap is no longer being served, but I just finagled a #unicornlemonade at @starbucks in NYC

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If you’re wondering exactly how you create a unicorn lemonade anyway, the answer starts with your willingness to be extraordinarily polite. You can’t just waltz into Starbucks and ask for the unicorn lemonade as if you own the place. And if you think you’re getting the lemonade version of the frap, you need to let go of that dream. Starbucks corporate pulled all the powder. It’s gone. There’s no blue. The only blue you’ll experience is inside your heart where you’ll feel frap-related sadness.

This ombre lemonade is not on the menu. It’s not widely available. The baristas don’t even really feel like making it — they do it because you have a smile on your face and hope in your heart. Show them the pic of my lemonade and then explain it starts with a load of ice, some straight up lemonade, and then several shots of the green tea syrup, followed by more lemonade. When the liquid content nearly reaches the top of the drink, boom, add several shots of the passion tea syrup.

So what makes this drink the smarter sister? It’s way lower in calories and sugar content than the more purplish sister. You’ll survive without a quick insulin shot, and that’s a positive thing.

PS lemonade isn’t for skin, mmkay?

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