Topshop Released Completely See Through Pants, We Wonder Why

Written by Allison

See through pants are like going naked, but waterproof.

Ladies it’s time to buy that extra cute panty set and schedule that leg waxing appointment because Topshop really outdid themselves this time. Remember about a month ago when retailers released the Clear Knee Mom Jeans (reactions here)? Well, they took it to the next level with their new, completely see through pants. Oh yes, clear plastic pants are now an actual thing that exist that you can buy with your hard-earned cash.

Topshop suggests pairing these with a bikini and sequined jacket. Chic.

All it takes is a cool $100 to get yourself the new Topshop Moto Clear Plastic Straight Leg Pants. They’re made of 100% Polyurethane and out just in time for the heat of summer to make things nice and toasty. In case you missed it, amongst other complaints, their previous foray into plastic knee pants didn’t get a standing ovation for general comfort. Apparently, they were a bit sticky and sweaty more than anything else.

See through pants, people. Not even a joke.

Let’s translate that to a full butt and leg covering experience. It sounds uncomfortable at best or like a yeast infection waiting to happen. Don’t worry though, these see through pants are machine washable if you turn them into a hothouse just by walking around.

Topshop says see through pants are a statement piece that you can wear at “a festival or costume party.” Is there a see through pants festival we weren’t invited to? We’re legitimately asking, because that’s newsworthy and we’d like to cover it. They even give outfit ideas like wearing the pants over “a bikini and sequin jacket” or, for something a little less showy, you can wear it under “an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress” which is what truly has our heads spinning.

see through pants

Why, Topshop? Why? We can see how the clear knee mom jeans came to life. People love ’90s style mom jeans and also ripped jeans. Put ’em together, add a little plastic, then bam! You’ve got yourself a buzz worthy trend. But, going for full fledged see through pants? No thanks.

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Listen, we’re all down for expressing yourself through fashion. But see through pants takes the naked dressing trend to the extreme. At that point why wear them? We totally see the appeal of a dreamy mesh and lace naked dress, it’s gorgeous! But, when it comes to wrapping up your bod in plastic, we just don’t see the point.

Would you wear see through pants? WE NEED TO KNOW.

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