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Upcycling Your Menstrual Blood. Period.

Written by EmilyLallouz

Upcycling period blood is a thing. Run for cover, the world is ending.

If you’re like me, every month (hopefully on time) you think “wow, I wish there was something I could do with all this period blood I’m just throwing right into the garbage can and definitely never flushing my tampon at work!” Well thanks to Period Catchers like “Diva Cup” and hardly any Googling, I found out people want to save the environment and also come up with some weird ideas for what to do with your monthly leftovers. A menstrual blood catching cup is nothing new (apparently) and they say you can save hundreds of dollars a year and only sort of gross out your friends and family! As it turns out, a lot of women have been scouring the interwebs to find out exactly what to do with your leftover period goop after you catch it in the cup. Here are some ideas people have on how to upcycle your cycle.

1. Plant It!

Your period is natures way of getting rid of that uterine lining that was meant to be a home for a fetus for 9 months, so it makes sense that it’s full of nutrients and other crap that’s good for fetuses, so why not your plants?! Even if you don’t use a period catching cup, you can also soak your period cloths in a bucket of water (this is all sounding super non-hippy) and put it on your plants and watch them grow. If dumping your blood sounds gross, you can also put your leftovers on a baking sheet and bake it in the oven on 375 for about an hour and create your own blood meal. Yum!

2. Use it on your scalp to grow hair

Unfortunately for Sujatha, this doesn’t work, but good use of the brain!

3. Donate it to a blood bank

What better way to help people than to try to give them your leftover period you caught in a cup!

3. Smearing On Your Face Can Cure Acne

Okay granted she didn’t ACTUALLY smear her own period blood on her face. Sorry if that image made you gag, it’s just a raspberry mask, CALM DOWN!

Editor’s note: Total props to our friend Cat Marnell for even taking this photo (#thestruggleisreal).

She put a lot of thought into this and if you are just going to bash her idea, at least tell her you tried it and it didn’t work!

4. Turn On Your Vampire Boyfriend!

Talk about having a “Happy Period!”

If you’re ready to start a new life with your period by inventing new ways to use it, stop. Just flush it or plant it, it’ll be OK.

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Emily is in her 30's-ish, married, and has two dogs and lives in Los Angeles. She tries desperately to not be a boring housewife by doing impromptu getaways and still accidentally refers to her husband as her boyfriend. She makes a living working in reality television. She's very sorry.

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