Vintage IKEA Furniture is Selling for Thousands

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Vintage IKEA furniture is going for as much as $55,000 per piece at private auction.

Suddenly tossing all your post-grad bedroom furniture to the curb a few years back seems like the worst business decision of your life. We’re not even kidding, because vintage IKEA pieces are apparently fetching as much as $55,000 each at private auctions, and we’re at a total loss for words.

This set of 1993 vintage IKEA ‘Vilbert’ chairs is going for $12,000 …that’s a lot of dough for particle board

Barnebys, a search engine for tracking auction sales from over 2,000 auction houses, was first to discover this shocking shift in the antiques and collectibles market.

Barnebys co-founder, Pontus Silfverstolpe, told the Daily Mail: “Unlike many of their items today, IKEA’s older products were actually made very well and have stood the test of time,” he says. “Also many of the examples we have cited were made over a very short period of time, so there aren’t many of them around.” These vintage IKEA finds aren’t the mass-produced particle board numbers you depending on to survive your twenties. Chairs that retailed for around $60 in the early 90s are now going for as much as $1200, and even pieces from the late 90s that may still be in your mom’s garage may fetch three to seven times their original purchase price.

These 1990s Monika Mulder ‘PS Hasslo’ chairs for IKEA are currently fetching $1,062.06.

And these Karin Mobring Easy Chairs Model Amiral by IKEA in Sweden are retailing for $5,139.01, because why not.

We polled interior design experts to see if any of the current IKEA piece will become expensive vintage IKEA finds down the road, and were surprised when Danny Kelz, a high end interiors expert in Miami thought current living rooms boasting frat boy Poang chairs might hold the most promise.

“If you have a Poang chair in genuine leather, it’ll probably stand the test of time, and they’re already fetching a fair amount on eBay. A few decades from now those chairs will signify a frozen memory in time, and people will pay for that.”

Your frat boy Poang chair could be a good investment


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