Vintage Jordache commercial makes me regret not remembering the ’80s


If there’s one regret I have, it’s not remembering the 80’s better. I mean, I totally missed the joys of bright blue eyeshadow, teased hair, high-rise jeans, and nightclubbers being totally coked out of their minds… or did I? This Jordache jeans commercial is priceless, but not because it’s full of blue eyeshadow and vintage-glam hair. It’s priceless because bullying was apparently okay in the 80’s and this is the time capsule to prove it.

I’m not sure why it took another 25 years or so (nevermind a bunch of high school shooting sprees, teen suicides, and steadily climbing adolescent depression rates) for bullying to become unpopular, but I’m glad it finally did.

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