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Vintage Spotting: Easy Ways to Add a Pop of Vintage to Your Look

Written by emilyc

I must say, I love vintage clothes, but sometimes I give up on trying to find a vintage outfit because vintage stores are often expensive. On top of that, I usually question if I really want to go with a head-to-toe vintage look and risk overwhelming everyone I encounter with a blast from the 1970s. My remedy for these dilemmas is adding a pop of vintage somewhere in your ensemble.

For jewelry with a vintage-esque appearance that looks like you searched far and wide for it, check out It’s unique collection of India-inspired pieces, perfect for adding a hippie-twist to any outfit. Better yet, the pieces are affordable, unlike what you’d find in the local vintage shop!

For another easy pop of vintage, go for hair or makeup. A sleek cat eye using liquid black eyeliner, coupled with a classic red lip never fails. This is my go-to for an instantly put-together look with a retro flair. When it comes to the hair, a low bun evokes the simple charm of bygone eras. If you really want to get retro, try a barrel curl on one (or both) sides of your face. Instant pin-up!

About the author


Emily is a New Yorker trapped in a Floridian's body and loves every minute of her big city life. With a major in international business and years of being surrounded by ill-fitting suits and all the wrong shoes, she learned that the importance of fashion needs to be communicated to the world. To her, fashion is on the same level as charity work and feeding hungry children. Emily can be found frolicking the streets of her gayborhood enjoying the off-color humor of the gays.

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