Vintage Spotting: Zou Bisou Bisou And Other Retro Hits That Need A Come Back

“Mad Men’s” Megan inspired us all to let loose and serenade everyone to our favorite 60s hit.

After Sunday night’s Mad Men, all anyone could talk about was Don Draper’s new wife Megan drunkenly┬áserenading┬áhim in front of his friends and coworkers. And even though homegirl looked like a hot mess hiking up her skirt and flashing errrrybody while cooing in Frenchzoo beezoo beezoo – we couldn’t help but love her for it. Let’s face it, we’ve all been Megan in at least one point of our lives – and in Tanner’s case, most likely several. So you won’t find a single hint of shade being thrown from our corner. In fact, here’s some other retro hits we’d like to perform for our guests (or Yorkies) after eating one too many boozy popsicles.

You’ll want to grab a few girlfriends for this one:

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