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Vitamins for Oily Skin and 5 Other Issues

Written by andy

Find out what vitamins can cure which disorders!

There are many vitamins that are very important for your health, but do you know which the best are? If you want to improve the health of your skin and your body overall, it’s in your best interest to get a healthy dose of vitamins every day. Here are the vitamins you need a lot more of in order to be healthy:

  1. For Oily Skin — Worried about the health of your skin? Oily skin is caused by too much sebum production in the sebaceous glands beneath your skin, and it can be the result of hormonal imbalances, diet, and even genetic factors. Thankfully, you’ve got a long list of vitamins that can keep your skin healthy, such as Vitamins A, B2, B5, and C. Vitamin A moderates sebum production, the B vitamins will help to balance out your skin’s sebaceous glands, and Vitamin C will produce the collagen that keeps your skin fresh and healthy. Definitely the vitamins you need to keep that skin looking good!
  2. For Weak Bones/Teeth — Worried that your teeth and bones just aren’t as tough as they once were? As you age, you’ll find that you tend to lose bone density in addition to muscle mass. With Vitamin D, you can turn back the ravages of time and keep those bones healthy. Vitamin D is needed for your body to absorb calcium, the mineral that thickens your bones and keeps them strong. By eating more Vitamin D foods–eggs, fatty fish, milk–and getting more sunlight (the primary source of Vitamin D), you can have healthy bones for years to come.
  3. For Rashes/Skin Infections –– If your skin is constantly breaking out in rashes, irritations, and other skin problems, it’s a good idea to use Vitamin E as a treatment. Not only does Vitamin E make a brilliant topical treatment, but it will help to increase antioxidant activity in the body. It’s a protective vitamin that will ensure that your body can get rid of the free radicals floating around and causing damage.

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  1. For Dull Skin –– If your skin is looking a bit dull, it’s time to add a lot of Vitamin A to your diet. Vitamin A is needed to give your skin that healthy, rich color that makes you look so attractive. The carotenoids in Vitamin A are the same thing that give carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes their rich color, and they can help to enhance the pigment of your skin. Plus, with more Vitamin A, you’ll have healthier teeth and bones as well!
  2. For Aging Skin — For those who are worried about their skin looking old and dull, look no further than Vitamin C as the ideal vitamin to help you keep your skin in tip top shape. Not only does Vitamin C help to protect your skin against free radical damage, but Vitamin C is needed for the production of elastin and collagen. These two skin proteins are what keep your skin looking great, so it’s time to get more Vitamin C in your life!
  3. For a Slow Metabolism –– Worried that your body isn’t burning fat and calories as fast as it could or should? It’s time to get more B vitamins, all of which help to play a role in a healthy metabolism. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 are all needed for your metabolism to function properly, and a lack of these vitamins can lead to slow functioning.

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