Wake Up All Hot & Steamy

Written by Lana

Morning (Coffee) Wood. We’re Sprung

Wake up to a boiling cup of tea by your side each morning would be lovely if there were a sexy man serving it to you. But the though of having tea brewing while you are sleeping and your alarm wakes you up, is not exactly my cup of tea. Teasmade has introduced an alarm clock that makes tea. For me, I am busy during the day, so going to be is something to look forward to; I am not going to remember to add water and put teabags in the alarm clock before I go to bed. I just won’t. The fact that you are getting woken up by an annoying sound may startle you, cause you to jump out of bed and potentially knock the boiling water either on the ground or on yourself. For me, since I am a total klutz, I would spill hot tea all over myself every morning. So, even though this invention is neat and an understandable good idea, I just don’t think that having boiling hot water next to my head is safe. Id rather a sexy man bring me my tea in bed!


It’s available from MenKind for about $88

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