Would You Wear Dismembered Barbie Jewelry?

dismembered barbie jewelry
Written by Gary

Jewelry made from dismembered Barbie dolls.

Now you can wear the body parts of your favorite childhood doll, dismembered Barbie.

dismembered barbie jewelry

I don’t know about you, but Barbie dolls greatly influenced my childhood. Every Christmas my mom bought me one (without even putting up a fight about the fact that it probably meant I was going to be ultra gay), and I took that doll everywhere with me. One of my favorite pastimes was, of course, taking the Barbie dolls apart and making other things out of their body parts. Dismembered Barbie was the best Barbie, and I think the doll design team secretly knew that, which is why those parts always came unhinged so easily. I was never as talented as jewelry designer Margaux Lange however, whose ‘Plastic Bodies Series’ of wearable art takes the idea of a deconstructed Barbie doll to a whole new level.

Her pieces are refreshingly original, if not utterly creepy, and have a lot of visual interest that goes well beyond the fact that they are made of dismembered Barbie doll parts.

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Her work is obviously polarizing, as some people think of it as a tribute to Barbie, while others attach a political statement to it, but isn’t that the best kind of art?

I’m a man (and a homo), and I am here to say that I would definitely buy some of these pieces and wear them proudly. After all, my physique was modeled after Barbie, obviously.

dismembered barbie jewelry dismembered barbie jewelry dismembered barbie jewelry dismembered barbie jewelry dismembered barbie jewelry dismembered barbie jewelry dismembered barbie jewelry

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