Would you wear duck flare nails?

Written by Bryce

Duck flare nails are taking over the internet, and we need to know why.

We’ve covered a lot of weird, wild, and strange nail trends in our time here. I mean, some were great — we still love carrera marble nails and our viral pink quartz nails, but we’re wondering how duck flare nails caught on in popularity. What we do know is why they’re even called “duck flair nails” and that’s simply because they resemble duck feet on your nail beds.

Now, a lot of random nail artists are running around saying they’re doing duck flare nails when they’re really not. The image above is what flare nails really look like, which is totally different from that long and tapered oval thing currently happening that people are also tagging #duckflares on Instagram. That’s misleading. Don’t get sucked in. Let’s show you some more examples of real duck flare nails to give you a better idea, and then we’ll discuss how you feel about them.

See all that outward flaring at the ends? Duck feet. Absolute duck feet. Let’s continue. Duck flare nails even come in festive Christmas styles!

But wait, there’s more!

Now that you’ve seen ’em, we’re wondering if you’d be willing to wear ’em. Tell us on social media or in the comments section here how you really feel!

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