12 Weird Health Facts You Didn’t Know

Written by Shannon

All the weird health facts you might never’ve expected.

1. Everyone has a unique “tongue print.” Like fingerprints, no two tongues have the same exact surface.

2. Adults have fewer bones than babies. Our bones fuse together in many instances during the growth process, leaving us with less bones as adults than we had as children.

3. Your stomach lining is totally new, twice a week! Every 3 or 4 days your stomach lining renews itself (those acids are pretty strong).

4. People use google to find healthcare. More and more people are researching their health insurance options on the internet to get to things like Health Net instead of calling HR, their boss, or dealing with tons of papers and word-of-mouth.

5. You are crawling with bacteria. Every inch of your body is covered in millions of bacteria. You read that right– millions per square inch!

6. Baldness might come from lack of scalp circulation. Circulation of blood in the scalp area is vital to healthy follicles and hair growth.

7. 40% of adult women snore. Add that to your online dating profile for a dash of honesty!

8. Blondes have more hair. Blonde hair is often thinner, but hair for hair, blondes usually hair more on their heads.

9. Street teeth. In many parts of the world, dentistry is as casual as getting your shoes shined– street dentists will actually polish and care for your dental hygiene inexpensively between all your other daily routine activities.

10. Food doesn’t require gravity to get into your belly. The muscles you have push all that food right down!

11. Cardamom cleanses you. Did you know adding cardamom to your food might actually help your body cleanse itself?

12. Men actually sweat more than women. Check out these other weird sweat facts, too.

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