This Weird Tea is Sprayable

Written by Bryce
This weird tea is sprayable and making the whole internet scream BAI BAGS, BAI.


There’s something new in the world for tea drinkers now, and it’s pretty out there– sprayable tea is officially a thing, and the internet has basically lost its mind over the concept of tea coming from an aerosol can.

No More Tea Bags is an appropriately named company devoted to a range of aerosol cans brimming with “high quality tea liquid.” According to their website and our very modest research, all you need to do is provide your own hot water, shoot some “tea foam” into your mug or cup, and add milk, sugar, or lemon to taste. How’s that for a weird tea that’s strangely convenient?



While we can’t imagine the concept of weird tea via aerosol style can becoming a big hit in fine dining establishments, it’s theoretically a kind of kooky and convenient way to hit your tea spot, although, come to think of it, tea bags are smaller, lighter, and easier to travel with (even the goldfish tea we’re secretly obsessed with). The main benefit, according to company reps, is apparently the time saved while steeping. There’s no long a need to shave literal minutes off your life waiting for some other weird tea variety to steep lifelessly from a bag or strainer when you can squirt, mix, and drink.


Obviously this is for a select group of middle class folks who aren’t quite cash-heavy enough to pay someone to steep their tea for them, but also value their time beyond the wait for bagged tea. Ponder that.



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