What Are The Food Trends of 2014?

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Check out the biggest food trends of the year:

This past year, we gave you recipe after recipe. We made sure you knew exactly how to make chickpea pancakes, gave you the perfect peanut butter smoothie recipe, and encouraged you to drink cranberry-ginger sparkling rum. We fully support everything you put in your mouth (literally), and we want to make sure you’re always happy, no matter what goes down your throat. In typical best friend fashion, we’re going to let you know what to expect as the biggest food trends for 2014:

Did you know that there are people that predict what’s going to happen in fashion before it happens? It’s true! They’re like fashion secret agents that come up with amazing ideas that just happen to be spot-on. Apparently, the same thing exists for foodies! Now that is a job that I could really learn to love. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has put out a list of what to expect this year!

1) Expect to eat a lot of locally sourced meats and seafood. The NRA had some amazing chefs fill out a survey and the verdict was clear. We eaters are looking to eat more of the goods that we grow here.

2) The wonderful children of America will also be eating healthier! The survey was handed out to almost 1,300 chefs and a majority of the chefs noticed that kids will be eating better this year.

3) We’re going to take it a step above local sourcing and make it a bit more hyper. Expect to see restaurants with their own gardens. I’m sure some bougie restaurant will create it’s own lake in the middle of the place and source its own fish.

4) Forget your sirloins and filet mignons, there are new cuts of steak that are about to take the meat eaters by storm. Have you ever head of a Denver steak? How about a pork flat iron? Well they’re about to be your new favorite meal.

5) The chefs even think you’ll be able to save money while you’re out to eat now. Sure, some restuarants offer smaller portions, but we’re talking half portions for half the price.

Want to see the full list? Available here. We’re excited to dig in this year, just like last year.


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