What We Can Expect from Miley Cyrus’ Reported Reality Show

Written by Casey

Miley Cyrus’ reported MTV one-hour documentary.

It has been reported that MTV is going to put out a one-hour documentary featuring Miley Cyrus and her creative process which entails her writing songs about an Australian hottie, Molly, creepers, skulls, getting a line in the bathroom, and essentially ‘having fun and not carin and partyin all night till she see’s the sunlight.’ MTV claims that it’s going to “[Delve] deep into the transformation she has experienced over the past few years.”

So with this news in mind here are ten things we expect to hear and see on the show:

1. “Mom!”

2. Miley pretending to not be a rich white girl from a famous family.

3. Substantial amounts of twerking.

4. A semi-serious moment between her and Liam.

5. Her getting her grills fitted and embossed with gold and diamonds.

6. Lots of gum being chewed and smacked, and gluten NOT being consumed.

7. The infamous Miley chop.

8. Shooting the t-shirt for Marc Jacob’s Protect Your Skin

9. “I’m gonna do what I want, only G-d can judge me.”

10. Possible amounts of cocaine being snorted?

Ah, well maybe not number ten, but we can hope right?

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