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What your Mini NYC Apartment has been missing

Written by Ashley


caltronic mini clothes washing machine

Not ready to jump into the world of in-house washing machines?  Me either. Most NYC real estate isn’t exactly hospitable for such space & hook-ups, and hey, how many love stories have you heard starting in the laundromat?  Fine, not too may.

Clatronic has solved your constant tiresome trips to the laundromat and given us this wee little washing machine to efficiently take care of your small loads in only 15 minutes. Gentle washing can also give your sink a break, making hand-washing obsolete.   This thing is perfect for long car-trips, camping fun & recessionista tent city living, with only requiring a plug & some water.

Plus, who doesn’t a MINI appliance with a MINI heart-shaped window for convenient launder-ful viewing?!?

Visit Clatronic.com for more info: Clatronic

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