What’s a girl to shoe?

With financial times being what they are, (I refuse to use the dreaded “R” word again), I find that my budget as well as my clients are being scaled back. Shopping sprees have turned into spending freezes.

Each season I keep a folder of my favorite items from the collections and this season I have decided to make my biggest splurge on shoes. There are amazingly gorgeous selections for any budget out there and here are a few to get you off on the right foot.

Christian Louboutin
So Private – Nude


Manolo Blahnik
Cuerta – Black


Yves Saint Laurent
Stud Sandal – Blue Grey
Woven Slingback Sandal – Dark Orange
Banana Republic

ELLE Estella Dress Heels


ELLE™ Estella Dress Heels


Abaeté for Payless Wyatt Gladiator Slingback

Abaeté for Payless

Wyatt Gladiator Slingback


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