When My Separated Parents of Seven Years Decided to Go Out to Dinner

Written by Casey

When divorcees rekindle for dinner

I call this story, when divorcees rekindle for dinner.

I had a really great childhood until the classic divorce affected me. My parents separated when I was thirteen years old. I remember it vividly as it was just three months after my Bat Mitzvah. Fabulous timing.

My parents had a lot of difficulties with one another and for the past seven years have been going through one of the longest and messiest divorces in history.

So you can imagine my shock when my mom mentioned that she had gone out to dinner with my dad a few weeks ago. Granted it was with my younger brother, but still. They can barely send an email without getting into World War III, how the hell would sushi go over?

“But you can’t even look at him when he comes to pick up Dylan how can you stare at his face for a few hours over a restaurant table?” I asked.

My mom said that dinner was oddly was normal. She mentioned how they were laughing and playfully making fun of each other. My dad drove my mom back to her car and he even paid for dinner. And since we all know how chic and skinty my mother is, she just ordered edamame.

To be honest, my brother called me after dinner and expressed how weird it was for him to have just gone out to dinner with both our mom and dad. But, I am happy that they did it. I know divorces don’t usually go on for ten years but my parent’s case is a lot different.

Whatever problems that their lawyers were having were ultimately dismissed and they were able to say “listen we don’t want to be married we both want to move on with our lives so lets do it.” The result of this dinner probably saved them a ton of lawyers bills and now they don’t have to go to trial for the divorce. Hopefully this will lead to a settlement and they can finally get divorced and have separate happily ever afters.


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