Where Do The Chic Get Their Rocks Off?

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When we say “get their rocks off,” we’re clearly referring to quenching the thirst for iced coffee — what did you think we meant? You’re filthy. Kidding. I love filthy. Vogue put together a little map where some of the most notable New York City fashion kids get their caffeine fix. If there is anything I love more than iced coffee, it’s a casual run in with Karlie Kloss while eating a scone. I’d like to warn all the fashion students out there, please don’t go stalking Phillip Lim and Eddie Borgo — it’s not cute.

Pamela Love takes her Brooklyn behind to Variety in Brooklyn.

Claire Distenfeld hangs with the yuppies at the uptown Bel Ami cafe.

Obviously, Lea Michele goes to Mud (which I’m sure resonate with her taste level pre-stardom).

Eddie Borgo gets it on the rocks at Gimme! Coffee.

The man behind the “it-bag” grabs his brew at Paris Sandwich.

Literally, every fashion person takes a meeting at The Smile or grabs coffee there.

Karlie Kloss struts around the West Village with Mojo in her hand.

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