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Why Put on Makeup When You Can Just Wear a Mask?

uniface makeup alternative
Written by Gary

Putting on makeup can sometimes be a bitch. Back when I woke up before 10 AM I used to see those career girls on the subway desperately trying to put eyeliner on without blinding themselves every time the A-train took a hard left, and doing a damn good job. Personally, I think it is an art, but risking your sight every morning can’t possibly be good for your morale. To remedy this problem, Asia (yes, I am referring to all crazy and stupid ideas as an entire continent now) came up with the Uniface Mask, a makeup alternative.

uniface makeup alternative

The idea was to save women time and money on makeup and plastic surgery by creating a mask that would allow any woman to achieve the ideal of beauty with just some latex and glue.

The reality is that wearing this thing in public is going to scare everyone around you into thinking they are either about to get held up at gunpoint, or asked to sign a release allowing their likeness in a cracked-out music video for VH1.

Take a look and see for yourself, but if I ever see anyone wearing this in New York I am going to do the same thing I do every time I see something absolutely bat-shit ridiculous and insane; put on my headphones and pretend nothing is happening. This is also my method for dealing with date rape, favor requests from friends, and hanging out with my 8-year-old nephew.

uniface makeup alternative

uniface makeup alternative

uniface makeup alternative

Uniface makeup alternative

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