Why You Should Always Soak Your Nuts and Seeds

Written by rosetta

Soak your nuts and seeds for the most beneficial way to consume them.

You see, raw nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors on their outer layer. These inhibitors, which, literally, inhibit digestive enzymes (the molecules which help us break down food) from properly functioning, can cause serious digestive issues when consumed in excess. Soaking these foods in water, though, removes these inhibitors, preventing such digestive strain.

Nuts and seeds also contain phytates, which, naturally, combine with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc minerals in our intestinal tracts. Unfortunately, when such binding occurs, these minerals cannot be absorbed in our bloodstream. Over time, our bodies eventually become deficient in these nutrients. Soaked nuts and seeds neutralize phytic acid, so the nuts and seeds’ nutrients can be readily absorbed.

The soaking process also produces beneficial enzymes in our bodies. This not only helps with our digestion and absorption of the nuts’ and seeds’ nutritional content, but increases the amount of vitamins we obtain, including vitamin B.

So, to recap, soaking your nuts and seeds:

-Removes/reduces phytic acid

-Neutralizes digestive inhibitors

-Produces more vitamins

-Makes them easier to digest

-Makes minerals readily absorbable

-Reduces toxins in the body

For soaking times and instructions on a particular nut or seed (i.e. almonds, pumpkin seeds), go here.


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