Win It: Hugo Naturals Energizing Grapefruit All-Over Lotion

Written by Ashley

Enter to be 1 of 10 to win a Huge Naturals Energizing Grapefruit All-Over Lotion

Heatpocalypse is upon us, and we think you could use all the energizing glee you can get.  Enter, the grapefruit scented lotion from Hugo Naturals… a  scented, fruity, ravenously nostril pleasing pick me up like NO OTHER, for alllll over your body.  Made with the purest gluten-free and vegan botanical extracts and essential oils, Hugo Naturals products are free of artificial ingredients, synthetic colors, preservatives and harmful chemicals often found in other brands that claim to be natural or organic.

Be 1 of 10 to win!


Comment below, telling us what which celeb you’d love to have rub this energizing lotion… all over your body. For moisturizing purposes, of course.

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[Open to US Residents Only / Contest Ends July 29]

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