Win It: Jason Wu x CND Polish Set

Written by Ashley

Be 1 of 5 to win CND’s Jason Wu Collection [worth $47 each!]

Be 1 of 5 to win CND’s Jason Wu Collection (worth $47 each!)

Jason Wu. LOVE HIM.  CND nail products. LOVE THOSE.  So, when they plunged in to a collab-o, naturally I was thrilled (So was Bryce), and was all about making sure you get thrilled too.  The kit includes 4 colors that you’ll love for any month of the year.

  • Miss Wu – Jason’s signature limestone, warm gray that dries matte with subtle chrome sheen, in perfect harmony of masculinity and femininity
  • Brigitte – voluptuous warm pink that perfectly channels 50’s screen siren
  • Sophia – gorgeous mushroom taupe
  • Veronica – highlights the evolution of decadence with a blue-based, oxblood red
  • Anna Effect – layered over any of the four Colours provides a tweed finish via microscopic fibrous pieces that create cool, subtle texture

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY [Contest Ends June 17, 2011 // Open to US Residents Only]:

  1. Comment below!  Which color best represents your normal Saturday night?  Brigitte-like sexy? Veronica-like decadence?
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