Win It: Rollable Anti-Heels from Footzyrolls

Written by Ashley

Step out of sky-high stilettos and like stars (ahem… Kim K. LOVES ’em) step in to go-anywhere comfort. Footzyroll rollable ballet flats or Footzyflop rollable flip flops are like a breath of fresh air, of the fancy free foot variety.

Footzyrolls are the rollable ballet flats that are both comfortable and stylish. Keyword, stylish. If we were always looking for comfort, we’d be flopping around in UGGS each day, just wondering why we can’t get a date.  They’ll roll up to fit almost anywhere and are perfect to keep on hand for relief from stilettos after a long day at work or night out chasing tail.  What else are the perfect for? All sorts of things!  Slip them in your carry on to have handy on a long plane ride. Keep a pair in the glove compartment – you never know. I’m planning on keeping them within reach for Fashion Week to give my footsies a rest between shows.  And for the impromptu mani – keep Footzyflops on hand. Nobody likes a shine turned botched smudge job on the big toe.

Celebrities who have already gotten their hands (and feet) on Footzyrolls include notoriously stiletto’d stars like  Blake Lively, Kristen Bell, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, Audrina Patridge, Christina Ricci, Claire Danes and model Jessica Hart

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY  [Contest ends September 10, 2010 — Open to US Residents Only] Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe recently included Footzyrolls as one of her 20 Style Savvy Suggestions Jet Set Summer Guide — Spill it: What would yours be? Tell us how YOU travel comfortably while staying style savvy.

Comment below, tweet to @LuxurySpot & post on Facebook to your answers for a chance to win your choice of the Footzyroll OR the Footzyflop.

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  • I always have a cute wrap or shrug that lets me stay warm in the air conditioning and looks cool to walk around in.

  • I too usually carry a Pashmina with me just in case I get too cold inside with the AC. As soon as I step back onto the hot NYC streets she just folds back up and inside my over-sized handbag which carries a handy tote umbrella for all the rainy days.

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  • When I travel I tend to wear a loose fitting empire or kimono style dress. I like the fabric to be something soft and breathable like a nice ultrasoft cotton. If weather permits I go barelegged but if not I’ll wear leggings. I always carry my own Brookstone NAP blanket which is so soft and lovely as opposed to the nasty fake fleece airplane blankies. I keep my hair in a ponytail so it stays neat. I always have some type of wipes in my bag, along with an eyelash curler, mini perfume, hairbrush, mascara and eyedrops so that when I leave the plane I look as fresh and clean as when I got on.

  • I sometimes keep up to three pairs of shoes under my desk (flats/slippers, heels, sneakers). If they try to sell you a pair of shoes that’s a half size too small cuz your size is sold out, don’t buy it. I learned my lesson one too many times! I really DON”T want foot surgery!

  • Traveling ? I always bring too much – but remember that LAYERS are the thing – & set a color scheme so everything goes with everything else…Those ballet flats look comfy – wd like those – perhaps on the plane?

  • I dress in layers. If the weather allows I like to wear a dress in a fabric that won’t wrinkle, and then carry a cardi, and yoga capris, and socks in my oversized purse. Colors are usually in neutrals, with a bright colored bag and shoes. But my all time travel must have is Make Up Forever Mist & FIx, it sets my make up and hydrates and protects my skin during temp changes, and pressurized cabin. 🙂

  • I like to be casual stylish when traveling. A long sleeved black v neck and cute jeans along with my cute cotton blazer always looks stylish. Simple slip on shoes are best for security.

  • Nothing says comfort like a nice pair of jeans and an stylist tank top. Add a pair of comfortable flat, or
    a nice pair of gym shoes.

  • My travel advise is to always travel with light layers in classic colors, and bring extre ndabs and bendable flops like the Footzyrolls and Footzyflops. It makes it much easier to travel with just carry on luggage.

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