Win It: Shobha’s Year-Round “Down There” Skin Insurance

Written by Ashley

Enter to be 1 of 10 to win a Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion (a $22 value)

Enter to be 1 of 10 to win a

Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion($22)!

It’s Labor Day weekend, and for some, this is the last hurrah of summer, where a weight is lifted in the hair removal portion of your grooming. Full-length pants are pulled in to the forefront of your closet, and the bikinis are stored away with one hand, while you eat a pumpkin muffin with the other (see you next spring, 6-pack!).  But, what happens when that ski-trip in November garners a hotel with a hot-tub? THEN WHAT? You’re shaving your life away, hoping to be free of irritation — most likely ending up in the “I-word” zone.  That’s right: Ingrowns all over the place.

Prevent this and other unsightly “I-word” scenarios by keeping the hair-removal routine going year ’round, using a moisturizing ingrown lotion for skin “down there” to stay hydrated, smooth and free of bumps.

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