These Wine Bags are Pure Class

insulated wine bags
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Insulated wine bags.

These fully insulated wine bags are a perfect gift for the elegant drinker in your life.

insulated wine bags

We all have that friend that takes after Jesus himself and drinks more wine than water. Maybe she’s a soccer mom trying to drink away the dullness of her day, or a single gal that is so ‘over dating’ and sits around polishing off a bottle herself every night while binge watching ‘Making a Murderer’ with a face mask and fleece pajamas. Or maybe, (and this is my favorite kind), she’s just a bitch that loves her wine and has no fucks to give about it.

Regardless of who this girl is, she deserves an insulated wine bag, and it is our duty as friends to give her one as a gift.

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Pure Class Wine Bags are fully insulated wine bags that can hold entire bottles of wine. Some of them feature a wine ‘bladder’ to hold the good shit, and some will just straight-up hold a bottle. Either way, the wino in your life needs this. I know Christmas already happened, and they are out of stock until April, but you don’t really need a reason to give a gift, when that gift relates to alcohol.

insulated wine bags insulated wine bags

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